• Are your GIS needs too small or temporary to require hiring a full-time person or large firm?
  • Does your land use or development project need MORE than just maps or drawings?  A more realistic, geographical based visual representation that COMMUNICATES, EDUCATES, INFORMS.
  • Do you have a special cartographic product that you envision that require artistic flair?
  • Could an INTERACTIVE multimedia or PowerPoint presentation demonstrate your ideas and concepts more clearly and forcefully?

I am a Professional GIS Analyst, Map Maker, and


Since a child I have always had an interest and curiosity about exploration, mapsscience and art. After graduate school at SDSU I have gained in the past 21 years the experience and technological knowledge in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Cartography, GIS Analysis, 3D and Photo-Realistic Landscape Visualization.  I am also rediscovering and combining my artistic background as a Fine Artist with Computer Graphics and Computer Art.

My intention with GISandART is to find a niche market that can use my diverse  abilities, training, and experience.

I like to TEAM UP with professionals, scientist, and projects that use GIS and other emerging technologies in land-use management, land use planning and development, natural resource management, forestry and related disciplines.

GISandART is small, with low overhead so I can provide services at reasonable costs and provide personal attention to the project.  I especially like working with individuals, small groups or companies who value telecommuting as a method of communication and workflow and want to work as a networked TEAM.

The services I provide include:

  • GIS and Spatial Analysis
  • Cartography and Artful Map Products
  • 3D Terrain Analysis, Network Analysis, Site Analysis
  • Photo-realistic Landscape Visualization and Animation
  • Computer Graphics and Multimedia Presentation

I am also an ARTIST.  My paintings and digital art work can be viewed at ARTISTWEBSITES
or My paintings and digital art work can also be viewed at FineArtAmerica

CALL Richard Baron at (530) 209-5425

EMAIL ME  OR  FILL OUT  my Contact Form.

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