Welcome to my website:  GISandART

This website is about offering my talents, experience, and interest in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), ART, Cartography, Visualization and all those things I am interested in and think you might find useful for your project.

My idea of a business or service is to be part of a TEAM, offer my technical assistance to a project, but not in the traditional 40 hr per week format.  I can and love to work at home.  I have access to what I need to accomplish a job. I believe in telecommunication, and using the internet to pass work back and forth and to complete a job, though I am readily available on a short-term basis to be onsite.

I am not part of a corporation, but rather a small sole proprietor, who keeps my overhead really low so I can offer fair and reasonable rates.

I also want to maintain a blog as well as a website, because I am curious and interested in many things that I can share. GISandART is an “COLLAGE”  of my interests and experience.

  • 20 Years Experience in GIS
    Low Overhead, Reasonable Cost
  • Flexible, Personable
  • Work with GISandART from ANYWHERE using Web