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20 Yrs experience in GIS, Cartography, and Spatial Analysis using ESRI software (Up to ArcGiIS 10). Proficient in ESRI products: Workstation Arc/Info (all modules including GRID, TIN, 3D, etc. Arc Desktop including Arc Map, Arc Catalog (Version 9.x). And Arcview 3.x. Have taken the ESRI course in ARC IMS. Proficient in AML programming. Familiar with Oracle, Microsoft Access, Excel, etc.

Certified Trainer and experience in photo-realistic landscape visualization using WCS and VNS.

Strong background in graphics, some multimedia and web design

Experience in training others in GIS .

Some experience in project management. I work well with people; have a genuine interest in the client relationship and client satisfaction. Adapt well to different situations. Like to problem solve. Like to work independently and am self-motivated. Am creative, curious, and personable.

Worked in various different types of jobs from 1970 to 1990 including: Geologist, business type jobs such as material control manager, restaurant manager, waiter, shipping clerk, taxicab driver, draftsman, and other types of jobs. Likewise, have worked as a fine artist from 1977.

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SOFTWARE:  Familiar to Competent

ESRI ARC GIS DESKTOP and ArcView, Community VIZ, 3D Nature’s Visual Nature Studio and World Construction set; Adobe products including, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Authorware, In-Design, Dreamweaver, and various plug-ins; painting software such as Corel Painter; 3D software including Maya and Zbrush; Microsoft Office Suite, including, Excel, Access and PowerPoint; and web development: WordPress, HTML, CSS.

HARDWARE: (Own or Access TO:

PC workstation and Laptop, Scanner, Epson 2400 printer and access to large format printers and scanners.



Major: Geography, GIS

School: San Diego State University

Location: San Diego, California

Degree: Finished MA Program

Completion Date: 06/1993


Major: Art, Drawing, Painting

School: U of Colorado, Denver

Location: Denver, Colorado

Degree: BFA Program

Completion Date: 06/1978


Major: Geology, History

School: St. Louis University

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Degree: BS

Completion Date: 06/1970


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  • Created and developed methodology for oak tree assessment using remote sensing methods and GIS on land development projects
  • Wetland Delineation, Watershed Analysis on multiple projects using GPS and GIS analysis and mapping.
  • Built geometric networks for stream and road projects
  • Created a methodology for determining stream gradients
  • Used various spatial interpolation methods to determine soil profiles. Project included creating slope, aspect and contours for client Work was done through telecommuting.
  • Used a modified NDVI methodology to (1) isolate orange grove crowns from background AND (2)to determine density of tree crowns from surrounding ground.
  • Worked with and trained USFS personnel.  Also worked as a consultant to various agencies

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  • Mapping vegetation, wetland delineation, watershed development and subdivision projects
  • Helped make maps for California Delta project
  • Created a series of maps over time tracking an invasive species over time in Redding area
  • Created very complex map for Girl Scouts of America
  • Created a set of “museum” quality maps on mylar for Turtle Bay Museum
  • Developed prototype ‘suction dredging regulation‘ maps for California Dept of Fish and Game
  • Created a series of maps for soils of Shasta County
  • Helped the staffs of USFS (Shasta Trinity and Lassen) to create multitudes of maps for their projects
  • Helped create a series of geomorphic/geologic maps for Pacific Lumber
  • Worked with other staff members to create maps for power re-licensing project in southern Oregon.

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  • Created visualization to SHOW proposed changes in a mine project over time for presentation to county planning board
  • Visualization of Temecula, Ca that showed from different viewpoints where development would occur on slopes surrounding city.
  • 3D analysis  and visualization of development project in Shasta City, Ca.
  • Worked on several subdivision development projects using landscape visualization and GIS
  • Taught some self-created workshops for visualization
  • Used 3D analysis to build underground mine visualization
  • Worked on visualization and animation to show how timber harvests would be managed over 150 year period
  • Used 3D analysis on several projects to show what and what could not be seen from different viewpoints

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  • Worked with Ca Dept of Fish and Game to develop multimedia tutorial for teaching WHR technique
  • Created digitally composites combining visualization, photographs and 3D images on several projects
  • Created computer graphics, graphs, power point presentations on a multitude of projects

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  • ONSITE Contractor and Trainer for USFS ( Shasta-Trinity and Lassen National Forest over several years
  • ONSITE Contractor and Trainer for CA Dept of Fish and Game for almost 2 years
  • Presented short workshops on using Photo-realistic Visualization and GIS for land use projects.
  • In graduate school, worked as a Research Assistant and helped people learn GIS software (ESRI software)
  • Presented several papers at conferences using Visualization and GIS

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