• GIS (Geographic Information Systems) / GIS Analysis / GIS Modeling
  • Cartography and Mapping Services with Artistic Flair!
  • Go Further! Visualize Your Landscape PHOTOREALISTICALLY!
  • Computer Graphics and Multimedia Presentations.
  • My Art. Traditional Materials, Computer Generated Painting and Imagery.
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The services I provide include:
          GIS and Spatial Analysis                            
          Cartography and Artful Map Products
          3D Terrain Analysis, Network Analysis,             Site Analysis
          Photo-realistic Landscape Visualization             and Animation
         Computer Graphics and Multimedia                    Presentation

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Richard is one of the best GIS analysts I’ve worked with. And I’ve worked with him on a bunch of projects. He combines artistic sensitivity with sound science.  He knows a great deal abut how to use GIS for effective resource management.  One of the best things about Richard is that he LISTENS. He’s really smart.  Another one of the best things…and there are many… is that he works hard.  Richard is NOT lazy and he doesn’t let you down.

Michael Dangermond   Senior Cartographic Manager,  ESRI,  Sacramento, Ca.

I worked with Richard for ten years.  He is intelligent, a hard worker, patient, and a great listener.  He is an excellent GIS Analyst and many clients were impressed with his visualization projects. Richard worked on many projects.  He is well known for providing high-quality products.

Shlemon Youkana   Photogrammetist and Remote Sensing Analyst.
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Imagine this:  You have a mining site that you want to develop over 50 years and you need to present your plan to the planning board.

I START WITH A CAD or GIS DRAWING.Basic drawing with contours

SPATIAL ANALYSIS AND 3D ANALYSIS are used to develop a topographical model and derive slope.

A Topographical Model
Starting from a DEM, GIS and CAD data, and photographs,  use 3D Nature’s Photo-Realistic Landscape Visualization software to create PHOTO-REALISTIC Landscapes.

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